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And the weirdness enshoes...

So tonight I am at work, later than I've ever been here. It's odd to think that tonighyt I'm not going home, I'm going to a hotel. It's like a convention, but without the convention and with work. A lot of work. Like a really sucky convention.

Getting out the door this morning was awful. I kept forgetting stuff, and because I was up late last night doing laundry AGAIN because of the fucking cat.

I grabbed my old DOS laptop in a vain attempt at being able to have a writing tool. Hey, text files work just fine for notes, right?

And before you ask, it's a 386 with a monochrome VGA screen. I've thought about the possibility of running linux on it, but I have a lot of other crap to do before I go about playing with the elder machines.

So tonight I'm here til about 8:00, then it's off to the hotel and a nice soak in the hot tub. And I can sleep in a little bit and still get here by 7:00.

It's not all that bad. In some ways I can forget about home crap, because I'm not there to do any of it. I still have to go back on the weekends, and they will be quite full. For instance, this weekend will probably be finishing up the gutter work and doing some studio rehabilitation, and I'm sure that I will have "chores" to do by then.

And there was actual grocery shopping done for healthy food. And I'm the one who specified the food. Yes, I'm actually being somewhat responsible in the food/health arena. But cripes, have you ever tasted spelt?

So y'all think of me when you're out there having a good time, and being able to do things, and getting laid, because I'm down here all alone, suffering.


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