Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I need an icon for the Big Broken Box™.

If you've been following my agonizing over the sell-the-house/keep-the-house thing, you know what a pain in the ass I can be. Or sorry, more of what a pain in the ass it is to consider all of the variables and aspects of what is a huge-ass decision.

When it gets right down to it, it is a lot more of a matter of practical consideration. There is the happy list-of-what-I-want-in-the-ideal-new-place, which is followed very quickly by the holy-god-that's-expensive and the what-can-I-compromise-on lists. The totally practical thing that I hadn't even looked into yet (and on purpose) was what I could afford for a mortgage.

Well, I sat down and did the mortgage calculation, and lo and behold, I ain't gonna be buying anything soon. And realistically, if I'm gonna be doing any major work on the house, I'm gonna have to get a roommate or two.

So the planny stuff has shifted more towards gleaming the cube, or making the Big Broken Box™ less broken.

(Yes, I know that some of you think that's a bad idea. When you win the powerball, you can buy me a new place, okay?)

This means looking at plans beyond the front porch, which is pretty much beyond the planning stage and is in the construction phase. It means living with the limitations of the house and the property as it exists, and trying to make the compromises that I need to in order to accomplish the goals that I have set forth. It means repurposing what I can while still leaving it in some semblance of a semiurban home. Someday I'll want to sell the place, and if it's still a fairly normal house, it will be much easier to do that.

Okay. Limitations.

I'm not going to get my lovely 2500-square-foot space. What I can get is a garage that is 26 x 26 feet, which pretty much means a 25 x 25 foot interior space, with a less-than-12-foot ceiling height. While that's not much, it's more than I currently have, and it will do for a lot of stuff. It's not ideal, but it's workable, particularly if I design it with soundstage in mind. I can't see that a well-insulated garage would be a detriment to sale.
Second thing is that I'm pretty sure that I can extend the usable space by planning a large concrete pad as a surrounding patio space between the garage and the house. I could probably have close to a 40 x 40 foot fairly level hard surface that could be used, and if I can make the wall of the garage with removable panels (or a secondary garage door), it would be possible to extend a set out onto that area if necessary. It wouldn't be exactly soundproof or really weather resistant, but as compromises go it's not bad. There's also the condiseration of adding a deck that would sort of cover some of that space, but I don't know how close a deck can come to a detached garage.

Downside is that the filmmaking equipment still needs a secure place to be stored when it's not being used, and it needs to be indoors to keep temperature issues from becoming a problem.

This gets a bit spastic. Things like the scene shop idea get spread around quite a bit. Sometimes the garage would get used as workspace, sometimes the patio would get used, sometimes the basement. The basement sucks for any kind of set building because it's not high enough, so that gets pretty much limited to things like prop building and electronics. I do have the shed (which needs to be moved to build the garage-- good thing I made it with that in mind, eh?) which could become partial storage for materials and maybe some tools, but it's not exactly a controlled atmosphere or anything. It's a freaking shed. Again, compromise.

Edit bay, ADR lounge, recording studio:
This is where it gets ugly.
The Big Broken Box™ currently has an upstairs where the studio and ADR lounge exist, along with the Bathroom of the Midgets. The studio is currently one big room, probably 2/3 of the house, and it's a semi-furbished attic space. It's got knee walls, so it's more of a half-story than anything, but in house terms, it's two bedrooms and a half-bath.
Downstairs there are two more bedrooms, a full bath, a kitchen, dining room and living room.
At one time, the studio space was actually being used as a master bedroom, but honestly it's too big. Too long to really be comfortable.
If I were to replace the roof-- like a complete tear-off of the rafters and all-- I could make the space a shit-ton better, a lot more usable. But that's an expensive proposition, though how much more expensive than a reroofing would be considering the age of the house and the condition of the existing decking. For now, let's assume that the roof doesn't change.
If I'm doing the roommate thing, I'm going to assume that the main floor of the house stays pretty much off-limits for any studio stuff. Basically that means that I move upstairs. Not a huge grump, since I'm still pretty realistically mobile. I could divide up the existing big room into a smaller room for the whole sleeping thing and an edit/control room for working, and keep the ADR lounge as both recording room and home theater/dubbing stage. I could even enlarge the bathroom, though that's getting into a remodel plan that would be much better served with a new roof.

Server/equipment room:
Yeah. In the basement. Some work required for routing wires and cables and all, but not truly horrible. Still speaks a lot to a total tear-off and replace of the upstairs to do new wiriing and all, and maybe adding central air. And most definitely better insulation.

Spa/exercise room/massage room:
Suck. Unless I take something on the main floor as an exercise room, this pretty much has to move into the basement. I could do an outdoor hot tub (particularly with the patio idea), but winter sucks for outdoor exercising.
I might be able to move the exerbike and weight bench out onto the front porch when that's done, but that seems counterintuitive. But the basement is yucky.

Kitchen, dining room, bathroom:
They stay the same, or get remodeled nicely but they stay as pretty much homestyle gravy.

Green room, dressing rooms, makeup rooms, lounge:
Ain't gonna happen. When it comes time to be actually shooting, any of these needs would have to be fulfilled by other rooms in the house. I suppose it would be possible to use the ADR lounge as a green room and the living room as lounge, none of these is really purposed as such. I could possibly have a nice makeup bin if I remodel the upstairs bathroom.

Well, it ain't perfect, but I suppose if the theme is compromise, it's not entirely suck.

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