Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The Melancholic Personality

Your personality can best be described as melancholic.
You are the introvert, the thinker and the pessimist.


Your personality strengths
You are deep, thoughtful and analytical.
You are both serious and purposeful and are prone to genius.

You are talented and creative with an artistic or musical leaning. You can be both philosophical and poetic. You have a good appreciation of beauty.

You are sensitive to others and can be self-sacrificing, conscientious and idealistic.


Your strengths at home
You set high standards and want everything done right.
You keep the home in good order (BWA-ha ha ha ha!) and will pick up after children if you have any.

You will sacrifice your own will for others and you encourage scholarship and talent.


Your strengths at work
You are extremely schedule oriented and always economical.
As a perfectionist you set high standards and are always conscious of details.

You are persistent, thorough, orderly, organised and always neat and tidy. (Yeah, right.)

You can always get to the root of a problems and find creative solutions.

You need to finish what you start and have a love of charts, graphs, figures and lists.


Your strengths in relationships
You make friends cautiously, are content to stay in the background and you avoid attracting attention. (Me? Attention?)
You are faithful and devoted and will listen to complaints.

You can solve other's problems, have a deep concern for other people and are often moved to tears with compassion. You are seeking your ideal mate.


Your personality weaknesses
You can be moody and depressed often remembering the negatives. You enjoy being hurt and have false humility.
You have a low self-image and suffer from selective hearing.

You are self-centred, too introspective and are often off in another world.

You have guilt feelings, a persecution complex and tend towards hypochondria.


Your weaknesses at home
You often put goals beyond reach and may discourage children if you have any.
You can be far too meticulous. (Metciulous? Cripes.)

You have a tendency to become the martyr and often sulk over disagreements.

You can put guilt upon children if you have any.


Your weaknesses at work
You are not people oriented and prefer to be involved with things rather than people.
You are often depressed over imperfections but you seek out or choose difficult work.

You are hesitant to start projects, spend too much time planning and you prefer analysis to work.

You are self-deprecating and hard to please and often set your standards too high. You have a deep need for approval.


Your weaknesses in relationships
You live through others, are insecure socially and are often withdrawn and remote. You are critical of others and hold back affection.
You dislike those in opposition, are suspicious of people and you can be antagonistic and vengeful.

You are unforgiving, full of contradictions and sceptical of compliments.


Not exactly on the nose, but close in some areas.

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