Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

LJ Interests meme results

  1. complexity theory:
    Complexity Theory is sometimes used as a broad term addressing the study of complex systems, including subjects such as chaos theory ,artificial life, and genetic algorithms. I find this stuff to be intriguing as hell.
  2. dog magic:
    Hey here's the ball! Look! See the ball! Whoops! Hey the ball is gone! Where did the ball go? Where's the ball?
  3. fetish clothing:
    Part of my life is spent as a photographer. Fetish clothing is wonderful for photography. Oddly, it's appeal is solely visual for me.
  4. haunting:
    Haunting in the sense of Halloween and doing haunted house stuff. I'm always on the tinker for cool high-tech/low-tech effects for scaring the crap out of people in an highly entertaining fashion. And if I had the unlimited resources, I'd do a year-round invitation-only haunted house that would be a real house that you could wander around in.

    When I die, I want to be a ghost.
  5. joss whedon:
    Hack filmmaker. And writer. And maker of some really cool stuff.
  6. making horror movies:
    How do I explain this one? It fis in with my overall love of illusion and scaring the crap out of people in an entertaining way. A good horror film will make me grin until my face hurts. If I can do that for others, I think it's rewarding as hell.
  7. pretentious crap:
    I really try not to be pretentious. I've flipped burgers for a living, I used to clean bathrooms at a clinic, I've snaked my own sewer line on more than one occasion, and I have shit on me a lot more than I'd like. So when I see things like the Hammacher Schlemmer home planetarium, while I think it would be cool to have, I'd get a hell of a lot more satisfaction out of building something like it than buying it outright.
    Then again, I appreciate the occasional bit of pretentious crap, like a license plate holder on a Ferarri that says MY OTHER CAR IS A FERARRI.
  8. set building:
    Have I mentioned that whole illusion thing? I like building sets, particularly for movies that I'm making, or haunted houses that I'm haunting. I have a pretty good stock of techniques for making stuff look pretty damn cool.
  9. strip poker:
    Gambling, gettin' naked, girls and booze. 'Taint nothing finer.
  10. you smell like butt:
    From the Happy Bunny collection. This was my result from a happy bunny quiz, and I lurved it so much, I bought the company.

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