Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Would that I had a do-over button, there are things in my life that I would do over. I suppose that might be classified as regret, which isn't exactly the most productive thing in the world, but it's a common enough thing that it has a name and a few songs in its name (though now I have Aretha Franklin in my head singing R-E-G-R-E-E-T, and I can't help thinking that she should learn to spell).

I am not in a good place. That comes as no surprise. There is a huge transition coming up in the Real Soon Now, and I need to change to handle it. I'm out of options.

The Change:

1.) The Movie, Marscon edition
Dearest Darling Sasha is coming over tonight to record her ADR. I need to get that put in place and get the finished files back to Fearless Leader ASAP so that he can get the protocut ready for showing. With these ADR tracks and some of the color correction that I've done, we're actually a lot closer to a finished movie than I had thought-- probably around half of the postproduction work. It's pretty obviously incomplete, but it's tighter and smoother. Downside is I don't know when I'm gonna have time to finish the rest, maybe after the front porch is done...

2.) The Front Porch
Barring catastrophe, I will be starting the carpentry this weekend. That needs to be done by May 1st, or I need to pay another permit fee-- I'm not horribly averse to that if necessary, but I have enough stuff happening that getting it done would be a Very Good Thing. And yes, I will be needing help, particularly with getting the walls in place, and likely the ceiling joists. There are a lot of ceiling joists.

3.) The Move
My workplace is moving to a new location next week. That's a huge move, and perhaps I will feel less temporary. I'll be able to move some of my books from home to the new office, which will free up some bookshelf space.

4.) The Ex
Barb has finished school, and is coming back to the Big Broken Box™ to dislodge the rest of her stuff, do some cleaning and organizing, and help out with some of the repairs. We talked it over and she will be living at the house for the duration, which is expected to be a couple of months (I'm figuring probably until CONvergence or so, but there is no hard timing) unless it gets to be too stressful for either one of us. Thing is, I can use the help. And we are actually getting along.
Now I realize that this puts something of a cramp in my dating life, such as it is ("Hey, can I come in for a few minutes?" "Well, okay, but we have to be quiet because my ex is sleeping."), but I figure it just makes a good excuse for me to be aloof a while longer. Because the world needs more loofs. Or is it looves?

5.) The Studio
One of the big disencrapification projects is the studio, which has largely remained untouched since I've been back. Barb is actually planning on taclking that, at least to start. I'll need to get in there at some point, but if she can make the first chunk headway, it will make it much easier. There will likely be dumpster rental in my future, and certainly a metric buttload of contractor-sized trash bags. And there will be some rather sturdy flats coming out-- anybody putting on a show where they need some framed lauan flats or anything?

6.) The House Title
Yes, we finally have it down to what has been blocking the title transfer, and will be able to get that cleared up within a couple of weeks. I will then be a homeowner in the technical sense as well as the spiritual one.

All of this stuff is happening in very short order. I need to take the change as a time to start actively working out again, at least getting back into a daily routine. The problem has been making time for it with everything else that's going on, and not just being overwhelmed.

Then there's the realization that I'm hiding from myself again. Self-distraction on a grand scale, ignoring things that should probably be important for my well-being but just seeming to not be worth the effort and hey isn't that a shiny thing over there?

Nosferatu ain't got nothin' on me.
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