Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Inventory of repairs/remodeling plans
The exhaustive list, not prioritized brain dumping


Front Porch
Foundation: done
Framing/sheathing/roofing: next on the plate
Electrical: first phase (single fixture/existing wiring)
Electrical: second phase (additional fixtures/new wiring)
Exterior siding/rockwork
Interior insulation/sheetrock/plaster
Front stair (sideways)</p>

This is most likely a tear-off and rebuild. Researching materials, properties, styles.

Necessary repairs, extension if new roof, flue liner, possible refinish

Front sidewalk
Replacing the broken sections, adding cable routing underneath, adding french drain. Possibly paver or fieldstone

Side sidewalk
Repair/Replace existing frost-heaved walk, add drainage

Retaining wall
Add front-side retaining wall

Rear concrete
Rip out

Build new

Build new, same time as garage pour

Get rid of crap aluminum, re-do with something else. Researching materials, cost, etc. Vinyl is looking like the big winner. Also

Finding a good solution to insulating an old house is a right bitch. Ideal time would be during the re-siding phase, probably with isocyanene pumped in.

Tough call here. I love the old oak-frame windows, but new glass would be more energy-efficient. Reglazing the existing windows is an option, but a time-consuming one.



Hot Tub


Thorough dleaning/disencrapification
Replace service panel with bigger 200-A box
Add wiring to workshop/lab area
Add sheetrock to lab wall

Living room
General trim cleaning/repair
Add cove moulding
refinish hardwood floors
Venitian plaster
refinish fireplace
gas fireplace insert
A/C wall mount

Dining room
General trim cleaning/repair
Fix gaping hole from water damage
Add bench seat to bay
add matching overhead cove w/lighting
replace chandelier
repair plaster
refinish hardwood floors
clean/lubricate built-in
Venetian plaster
add cabling chase to center wall
cove moulding

Bathroom (lower)
Remove wainscotting
cut hole to access plumbing
replumb with copper both up and down
Full tear-out to studs and remodel
radiant floor heat

tear out suspended ceiling
Replace current windows with bay window
remove existing cabinets (keep)
remove existing hardwood floor (salvage?)
add in-floor radiant heat (PEX)
Tile floor (quarry? stone?)
repair existing walls
Add electrical to code
Redo funky plumbing (see previous owner was a moron)
New counters, tile/stone backsplash
Figure out what the hell to do with the refrigerator

Hall of Doors
Remove existing tile
refinish hardwood floor
Add faux door/woodwork
Replace light/fan with something cooler
Find artist to paint sistene chapel ceiling (private joke) or cut out to second story...

Bedroom 1 (RWNOW)
Repair bad repairs from previous owner
Remove carpet
fix windows
replace west window with patio door/french door

Bedroom 2
refinish hardwood floor
add outlets
repair plaster
repair/replace window
larger closet access?

refinish/repair steps & landing
better lighting

Bedroom 3
Depends on roof, add closet space

Redo plumbing from downstairs
add shower
enlarge and add soaking/spa tub room

Bedroom 4 (studio)
Depends on roof; add closet

Add cable chases for LV, phone, cable, network, etc.
central air/air handler?
Second zone thermostat upstairs
Replumbing wet wall
radiant floor heat for select rooms


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