Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Tough day today. Scattered, infused, deluded, unable to concentrate. Might have something to do with lack of sleep, since I think I made it to bed at around 3:00, and I was up at 6:00 for reasons which are probably better off not being described in graphic detail.

On the good side, the ADR is done. Or at least this phase of it-- there are some spots where it's pretty obvious that more is needed. There's also things like Foley and effects that need to be done, and color correction, and a final sound mix, but not right now. I'm going to take a break from the movie for a while, curl into a little marmot-ball, and sleep.

Then there's the house. Framing needs to start this weekend in earnest, meaning a trip to the Nards or Home Despot to get wood and supplies. I stopped by Home Depot last night to get a ballpark estimate on prices for some various materials for rafter beams or trusses, and had a rather sphinchter-tightening realization on how bloody expensive a tear-off is.

First, looking at spans, it's coming out to something like 14- or 16-inch rafters being necessary. General price on those is around $4.50 per linear foot. Each rafer is about 21 feet long on each side, and they are spaced every 2 feet-- we're talking probably $10k for just the rafters. Then there's the ridge beam and sheathing and insulation and other framing details... I think it's easily $24k in materials alone. Contract that out, and it's probably double that with labor & equipment rental. That pretty much prices it out of the league of reality unless I can find a way to do it myself (which is bloody unlikely). Which means I may be stuck with reroofing the existing roof and hoping that the current decking isn't rotten, which is a considerable gamble considering the age of the house and the previous owner's lack of mechanical knowledge.

Boy, does that suck.

I am looking into trusses next. They are significantly cheaper, probably 30 percent less, but they are still large and difficult to ship. It might be easier if I can design the trusses and get them custom made (all pretty normal cuts), but I don't know how expensive that would be.

The other thing is scaffolding. As much as I hate the idea of doing my own roof work, I may have to in order to keep the costs down. A 15 foot scaffold new runs about a thousand dollars to purchase. There are probably better deals out there. Renting is probably not worth it because I would need the scaffolding for a long enough time that what I would pay in rental would purchase a new scaffold.

Crap. It still keeps coming back to just reroofing the existing house without changing the structure, and having somebody else do that work. I'm not built for roofing.

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