Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

me no think good now, me push brain during presentation/meeting, brain now push back and want fruity pebbles.

Really intense meeting, though I'm feeling a little wonky about it. I basically did a core presentation on the proposed architecture for the embedded control system. I've been kind of worried because it's been doing a lot of reading and absorbing with very little actual "work" in the process, but as it turns out my massive powers of synthesis came up with a dandy and insightful presentation on the future architecture of the system. Impressed everyone, I did.
Unfortunately, it's looking like a couple of year scope. Which means we now have to do an alternative that is much scaled back for the next couple of phases of the project, and will probably be looking at rescoping the entire project, which isn't a bad thing considering what we've learned in the past slightly less than a year.
But it's wonky. I did a buttload of reasearch and some fantastically insightful analysis on the fly; the proposed models stand up to the gale-wind forces thrown at them, and it all seems like time wasted. It's not in the long run, but it does not help us to achieve our goals in the short term. I suppose that it did clarify that though.

Sometimes I am freakin' brilliant. Other times, maybe not so much.

Tonight I go home and care for the pets, then nead up to Casa de Bruno to drop off DVDs full of ADR files. We're talking over 8 GB of files, and I had to leave out one scene (wasn't ADR'd, but I did have some sound cleanup and color correction on it) that would have pushed it to over 9.5 GB.

Eventually I shall sleep.

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