Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Somewhat gross...

Last night I got home from work to find my dog wanting to go upstairs, which isn't like her. And then came the rather unmistakable smell of dog poop.

The poor pooch had diarrhea. Like jet powered fecal matter, all over the carpet in the ADR lounge. And she was showing me.

I did what I could to clean it up, which took some time and was not entirely pleasant. Poor dog is not feeling well, but at least she appears to be more solid today. I'm debating whether to get a carpet cleaner or just rip out the carpet entirely in that room (it's not good carpet to begin with, and it's coming out eventually). I'll probably get the carpet cleaner and just do that section for now, since it's easier.

Headed up to Casa de Bruno to hand over the ADR files. I had burned a DVD to play the files on the TV too, just to show avindair and g33kgoddess the ADR in place as well as the color correction stuff that I had done. Fearless leader was very very happy-- I saw his "O" face more than once.

Then he played me some of the timeline with the new music in place. And he saw my "O" face.

The music absolutely rocks.

Conrad Zero has put together some of the coolest music evar for this movie, and wow, does it ever make a difference. I have yet to see the whole thing in place but holy hannah, what I did see was freakin' awesome.

I actually left earlier than normal-- by 9:00 I think-- because I was nearly falling over tired. Tony was comping at the bit to get in replacing all the video bits in the timeline, and managed to run out of space on a 300GB drive. With some maneuvering, he was able to find space on his network and get the files onto his machine, but it's pretty clear that this is a huge project.

It's still not complete by any means. There's still a bunch of color correction to do, as well as more ADR and sound work, but it's a lot more ready to show than I had expected it to be. And it's by far the best thing that we've ever done.

So far.

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