Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

My back hurt yesterday something fierce. It's very likely arthritis that is starting to become more prevalent-- I've had twinges since college, and the whole getting older thing sucks. So to help try and break loose a little, I got on the exercise bike last night.
I lasted twelve minutes. Oy, did that hurt. But a half-hour later, I was able to get out and give the pooch a little walk and help break some more loose.
Today I hurt a little less.

Downside is that in the past month, I've gained something like 30 lbs, which almost entirely wipes out the weight I lost while in the Gulag. It's a sharp spike which is freaky, and it coincides with a particular screw-up in my medication (prescription got lost somewhere between the clinic and the drugstore) so now that I'm back on the whole schlemeel, we're hoping that it goes down.

Two of the medications that I am currently taking have a side effect of weight gain, which sucks tard rocks. I'm actually looking at cutting one of them out completely in the next phase shift from the 5mcg to the 10 mcg dose of Gila Monster Spit, so hopefully I can be back to an actual downward trend soon.

But short being short, I've got to increase my activity level a whole lot. To steal an idea from chebutykin, I'll most likely wrangle the exerbike in front of the wide TV in the living room and watch DVD commentary tracks while I ride the white horse (which is a really obscure reference). Eventually I'll probably work my way up to DDR again, except DDR doesn't work in widescreen so I need to relocate to the ADR lounge, which is currently the residence of the resident Barb.

What the hell is with all of the freakin' death lately? It's like Death is going on vacation and she's gotta cram to get ahead of her quota before she goes.

And one more thing: I've figured out my first porn title.

Orifice Space

It's like Office Space, but with more anal.

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