Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Last night, I actually floated for a while in both the pool and the hot tub. For a few minutes, all of the subhumans that were staying at the hotel had left, and I had the pool all to myself. I just walked in and read Dreamcatcher while in the deep water. I pretty much stayed vertical to be reading, but it was nice, because all of the little aches and pains were just gone for a little while.

Then of course, my reverie was interrupted by a wheelchair bound mother and her son who wanted to use the pool. I ended up going back to the hot tub, and tried floating there.

And oh, yes, the laying on my back with my eyes closed and just relaxing...

It was nice.

I discovered that my back is pretty much one big tight mass of muscle from the base of my spine up to about my shoulderblades. Tried relaxation exercises, but to no avail. And I noticed another funny thing-- my right arm was turned in toward my body, while my left arm was more straight.

It fits that my right side is the one giving me problems.

I have been doing some spine-straightening exercises at work. The best one consists of pushing myself out of the chair on the armrests, and letting my back relax, supporting myself on my arms. Pop-pop-pop-pop!

My lower back is much better, and the sacroilial pain is nearly gone. I'm actually walking without limping today. :)


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