Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The commute home yesterday was a right bitch. The business moved five miles, but the new location is on the other side of both 62 and 169 which are both parking lots during rush hour. I ended up taking back roads home and it took me an hour. Something that I need to consider is riding my bike-- it probably wouldn't take much longer, and it would save on gas (not to mention the exercise aspect).

I definitely won't be buying a house nearby. Not that the houses aren't nice and all, but deer-in-the-headlights prices. Even apartment rentals are higher than industrial spaces: 1,615 sq. ft starting at $2,460. Most industrial leases are around $1 per square foot, though there is certainly some leeway. House prices are in the half-million-dollar range.

There is a bio-lab on the premises, complete with a biohazard warning, access lockouts, and a sterile containment vessel. It's a little bit freaky, though it does make me want to figure out a way to make "fake" stainless steel by painting (for set design, don'cha know). I'm thinking something like a Krylon mirror paint followed by dry-brushing while it's still wet might do it.

Happy Happy Joy Joy.

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