Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Low spoon day today.

I'm heading out to the plastic surgeon's office today for a consult and a possible bit o' surgery. Not a big thing, but enough that I'm thinking hanging out in the land of hot tubs may not be a good idea for risk of infection.

I managed to load all of my music from my hard drive at home onto a USB drive and transport them to the work computer so I now have some decent tunes to listen to while I'm stuck in the refrigerator reading about IEC61131-3 and POUs. Sounds rather dry and technical, doesn't it?

Contemplazi moi seeing V for Vendetta either tonight or tomorrow. As I haven't seen the movie but I do have the Alan Moore GrafikNovel, I'm going into it with only the raised expectations from those who have seen it previous.

Short film stuff: Falling into place, or I suppose more like coagulating. Difficulties that need to be addressed have mostly to do with lighting on locations where there will be no electricity handy, so everything will have to be battery powered. Makes for an interesting challenge. I also need to do some camera tests with compositing tools, rod removal for puppets, and the like.

And I need to make more corpses. It seems one can never have too many corpses handy. And I can always rent them out when I'm not using them.


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