Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Spoiler, maybe.

Just got back from V for Vendetta, and I'm still processing.

Yeah, you've probably head it before, but it's a good movie. It is based on (but does not kowtow to) the Alan Moore graphic novel.

They are different stories, but similar. Events and incidents that catalyze the story cascade similarly, but the characters themselves are different. V is more human in the movie. And props to Hugo Weaving for pulling off such emotional range through a completely opaque mask.

And contrary to what has been reported, Natalie Portman can act. I've liked her in the non-Star-Wars stuff that I've seen her in, and this movie helps to reinforce that feeling, slighly wobbly accent aside (it's not that it's a bad accent, it just floats over a whole bunch of different dialects like a dandelion frond on a chaotic wind); it's a helluva lot better than Kevin Costner's in Robin Hood.

The moral ambiguity of the orignal paperwork is somewhat stunted. John Hurt is given a bit of heavy-handedness as the NeoHitler, which I suppose is necessary for some Hollywood popcorn fodder, and the immorality of blowing shit up and killing people is given a bit of theatrical short shrift. It is a movie after all, and ambiguity does not fly well to those of the Deep Pockets.

Still, an intelligent film, or at least significantly more intelligent than the popcorn fodder that we've come to expect from the big shiny machine as of late.

Trailers indicate that there will be a whole lot of movieness vying for summer blockbuster status in the month of May. Actually late April to early June, but lotsa new stuff I hadn't seen before. Poseidon, the re-transmorgrification of The Poseidon Adventure looks to be poised for Big Budget popcorn mayhem, and X-Men III, the Final Battle Until The Next One cometh out as well. Disappointed I didn't get to see a trailer for Silent Hill.

Meh. I seem to be disappointed a lot lately.

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