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Fear and Loathing in Owatonna

I finished work at about 6:00 last night, and did a fish-stop at the hotel, just long enough to bring stuff in from the vehicle. Since it was still relatively early, I went over to WAL*MART to pick up a few things.

As it turns out, you can't go to WAL*MART to just pick up a few things.

This is one of the super WAL*MARTs, with the grocery store, and everything under the sun hidden in a constant bombardment of chaotic color, sound, and video. It hypnotizes you. It caresses your wallet, and says "come on, this is a really good price" and "you really need plastic tumblers with pictures of monkeys on them, only 79 cents!".

I managed to leave after only 45 minutes, with only one more item than I had on my original list. It was a struggle, believe you me.

Then back to the hotel.

A brief geography lesson: the hotel is located just north of Owatonna in a little industrial area with a gas/diesel/convenience store, a Wendys, a liquor store, anOutback Steakhouse, and a Holiday Inn with a Green Mill restaurant attached.

The liquor store is very close, and the Green Mill even closer, so since it was still early by my crappy working-late standards, I decided to pick up a bottle of wine.

The liquor store has a fairly decent selection. I suppose that shouldn't be all that surprising, because I imagine there is a lot of drinking happening around here.

In the aisle there was a rather attractive woman. Shoulder-length brown hair, dark eyes, maybe 5'-6". So I wasn't in all that much of a hurry to pick up a bottle. :)

After a few minutes, she turned to me.
"I don't suppose you have any suggestions".

I was taken aback. But my ever-so-suave self kicked right in and said "well, I'm not a huge wine drinker, but I've had pretty good luck with this one". A Turning Leaf chardonnay was right in front of her. I picked it up and handed it to her in an obviously exaggerated french waiter style. And she smiled.

Wow, what a smile. I was stunned. She said "thank you", and walked away.

I found that they had a bottle of Fat Bastard (no, really), which was recommended by a friend, so I picked it up and went to the cashier.

Headed back to the hotel to drop the wine in the 'fridge, and decided to pop over to the Green Mill.

Green Mill was pretty full, and there was a wait for tables. I was about to leave, when the woman from the liquor store touched my arm.

"Are you here alone?"

"Um, yeah."

"So am I. I don't mind sharing my table."

Like I'm gonna say no.

She turns out to be really nice. Her name was Lisa, she was from outstate New York on some manufacturer's rep thing for Cabelas. We ended up talking a lot about movies, what we like and don't like and why. Turns out we were both staying at the same hotel, and when I mentioned the hot tub, she admitted that she was looking forward to soaking, as she had been on her feet all day and was looking to unwind.

So we ended up in the hot tub together. We ended up commiserating about having to work overtime stuff-- she ends up doing a lot of shows around the country and does a lot of living in hotels. She was married once, for a while, but it kind of stagnated and died.

I started rubbing her feet. She started liking it. After a few minutes, I switched to her neck and shoulders, and she was really liking it. I offered to give her a real massage, and she told me she'd think about it. Then she gave me that smile again, and I melted.

I told her what room I was in, and went up figuring that the night was done, I changed into dry shorts. Opened the bottle of wine, and sat on the couch to read.

There was a knock at the door.

She was there, with her bottle of wine. I invited her in.

We sat and talked, and laughed, and drank some more wine. She reminded me about the offer of the massage, and I told her absolutely.

We moved over to the bed. She was wearing a t-shirt and something like surgical scrub pants. I told her that she should wear as little as she was comfortable with, and she ended up taking off the shirt and the scrubs, leaving on her underwear. Pink cotton.

Nice body. Smooth skin.

I started working on her neck and shoulders, and worked my way down her back.

"Rrt frml naf."


She picked her head up off the pillow. "That feels nice".

"It's supposed to".

I then went down to her feet, and started working my way up her legs. She moaned a few times.

I went to her lower back, and started working on the top of her butt, sliding my hands into her underwear just a little bit.

"Just take 'em off".

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, yeah".

So I slowly pulled off her panties.

I made long, smooth strokes down and up her body, starting with her head, working all the way down to her toes and back. every time I'd come back across her butt, she'd squirm a little and get goosebumps.

I leaned down and gave a soft bite to one of her butt cheeks, right where it joins the thigh. And she squirmed even more, and let out a little gasp.

And then my alarm clock went off, and I woke up.


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