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Just came from a meeting where it was pretty obvious that the work that I've been doing for the past several weeks is pretty much gonna be tossed because it will take too long to implement. Even though we are in unanimous agreement that it needs to be done eventually (like in the next few years), nobody will allow a commitment to the time that is needed to do it. It's about a 2-year project scope with two people working on it.
Because it isn't strictly necessary to fulfill the current requirements of the project, they don't want to allocate the resources (i.e. me and another guy) to doing it. However, it locks us into a dead-end architecture that we know has problems and will continue to have problems in the future, and require the resources to try and find workarounds to these problems as they happen, otherwise known as crisis mode engineering.
It's not like they don't recognize that it is a problem. But what they want is incremental changes, and some things you just can't change incrementally. Sometimes you just need to tear down and start new.

Feelin' discardable.

Trying to make a case for parallel development, but that's unlikely to fly. Resource management issues tend to make those things go away.

I suppose it's one of the risks of the industry.

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