Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Yesterday I stopped by Micro Center to look at what they had in the way of workstation-type motherboards, looking to dual-core processors. Mostly a research mission since I'm looking to build a new editing station after finding this beastie. It interfaces directly with Combustion, which is sweet.
However, Combustion isn't an NLE. It's a piece of compositing and effects software, which meand I'd still probably need something for NLE, and therein lies the rub. I'd want to keep Vegas around because of the audio tools, and while I could use Vegas for editing (Vegas 6 is a pretty handy piece of software), it doesn't do HD directly, but requires a codec.
Avid Express Pro HD would be the best, but it doesn't interface with the AJA board at all, and has its own hardware.

It's all moot at this point since I'm still a long way away from buying anything. It's all still just research. We're talking several grand to upgrade everything, and that's not gonna happen real quick-like.

I did walk away with a new DVD burner to replace my aging Pioneer A03. This one burns DVD-R, DVD+R, RW, and dual-layer. That's over 8GB on one disc, or the equivalent of 240 minutes of playable DVD time. And it's speedy: it can burn 8x DVD-R media at up to 12x.

I'll get there eventually.

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