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Sominex vs. Sever

Wow, am I tired.

I think I've pretty much hit the wall for long hours this week. I got out of bed this morning, thinking that I'd wake up, but nope. It's almost time for lunch, and I'm still about ready to keel over. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna be pulling extra hours tonight, or at least not many.

There's an odd dullness that has come over me. I think it has a lot to do with a lack of stimulus down here in the netherworld. I'm pretty much either at work, at the hotel, or driving in between. Yes, it's focused, but I'm burning out much faster than I used to. I haven't even watched TV this week, with the exception of some maybe ten-minute channel-flipping spells.

I also haven't been learning anything this week. Usually I try and explore something new every week, whether it be technological or psychotic, but I've just been too focused on this project. And I need to back off a little to recharge.

Thing is, this weekend won't exactly be restful. I have a med lab abbointment Saturday morning, I've got to snake the main sewer line and get rid of the root problem, I have to fix the washing machine again, and I have to finish the last gutter. And then there's the volunteer appreciation party. Wait, did someone say Hot Tub?

Speaking of hot tub, I've been using my tubbin' time to do some reading. Current novel is Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. Yes, the one they made the movie about.

Never saw the movie. Or at least not yet. I'm rather enjoying the book, but I can't see how they could have made a movie from it without butchering the shit out of it, which is apparently what happened.

In most instances, I will NOT read a book before seeing a movie made from the book. I made the mistake of doing that with Aliens, and it was a bad move. But in this case, I want to see what they did with the story elements in the movie See what they had to cut out to fit it in the short bus of feature length. And hopefully there will be a commentary track that talks about the adaptation a little bit.

I don't know when I'm gonna get a chance to watch it though. :(

It's so nice outside I just want to go lay out in the sun and nap. I can't afford to take the time off to do that, and I know if I did I'd get sick as a dog. But it's soooo nice...

Checked the weather forecast, and it looks like aside from some storms friday night, it'll be clear sailing through the weekend. That does make it a bit easier, because laying in a couple inches of sewer water to unclog drains isn't my ideal way to spend a weekend.

Been thinking again on whether to sell the house. There are a lot of reasons for and against. The most compelling reasons for have to deal with space: I want a full-blown studio, and a place for the dog to run around a lot. The biggest we can build a garage is 26*26 feet, which would take up a chunk of the yard. We could do something insane like build a second story on the house, but that's a little on the expensive side, and we still have a small yard.

The ideal would be a relatively large wooded lot where we could build a new set of buildings. Tough to find when you want to still be close to the metro area. And still expensive. But we could pursue energy-efficient designs and customize the buildings for how we want to use them, rather than trying to fit everything into the old house we have.

The option is a bit pressing, because it affects how we do work on the house. If it's something we're looking to sell, it makes more sense for us to work toward restoring the old-world charm. If we're looking to keep it for a while, we need to modify it to work for our needs.

It is, as they say, a quandry.

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