Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Movie review

Thanks to jmanna, I had passes to a prescreen of SLiTHER. My date backed out at the last minute because she hates me, so I went by myself. Ran into kditzy and davidkingsley in the theater. It was nice.

On to the movie:
If you've seen the trailer, it's pretty true to the movie. It's a horror comedy, sort of along the lines of Tremors, but with Canadians. Shot in Vancouver, BTW.

Overall a few rather hilarious moments. Mostly chuckles. Lots of gory critter effects, and gratuitous use of the word fuck. Nathan Fillion is just about perfect, though I have to think that he made the part his own-- he seemed a lot like Malcom Reynolds.

It could probably be better with some tighter editing, and definitely different music.

It's a fun little popcorn burner. It's not going to be great acclaim, but it's definitely my kind of movie. I'd give it a 76/100. I'd recommend it for a matinee or a rental.


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