Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Why struggle to solve a problem that is likely to sort itself naturally, all of its own accord? If you feel edgy and apprehensive now, it is because you believe that things will not improve without direct, decisive intervention. You may not yet be exactly sure of what you need to do, but you have no doubt that you need to do something. Or do you? Be open, this weekend, to the discovery that you haven't got such a big difficulty on your hands after all. There are pleasant surprises in store.

Does the curse "goddamn it" fly out of your mouth every time you stub your toe or misplace your keys? Do you know the brand names of ten different beers but have trouble remembering any of the Ten Commandments? Do you sometimes undress people in your imagination without their permission? If so, says the Weekly World News, you're going to hell when you die many years from now. There is, however, a tiny chance you can begin some atonement now that will cancel out the karma from the above-named sins and stave off eternal damnation. APRIL FOOL! The acts I named aren't sins, and besides, there's no such thing as hell. However, it's true that this is a good time to seek forgiveness and try to correct old mistakes.

This is an excellent time for getting things done. You are in an orderly state of mind and have a strong sense of self-discipline. You carefully consider every move before acting. You make plans at a very concrete level and insist that it be possible to execute them in the practical universe. You are not interested in idealistic speculations or abstract considerations that cannot be applied in daily life. All matters relating to work or your profession are favored by this influence, precisely because of your orderly mental state. Any tasks that you do today will be very carefully done with no loose ends. It is possible that your serious and attentive attitude to your work will attract the attention of your employer or other persons in authority whom you encounter.

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