Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Somebody set us up the bomb!

Part of a screenplay that I wrote a while ago, run through the google poetry translator.

Small places of state of a girl expressionless, a domestic fuel paying attention. House, terrified Screams of a man and the woman comes. The extreme house is indicated to the small eyes of the girl. A headstock of rag dangles of their hand. Domestic fuels. Screaming continues.

Instead of the small girl, INANNA, a woman attracting in her annéeees twenty years is. She carries of Krankenhausgarb and holds the same headstock of rag. She has same the expressionless seen as the small girl. An illustration skelettartige goes in direction to him of the flames. The illustration skelettartige burns, continues however in direction with him.

Office of DR. BENWAYs industriell-schaut rather, little a schaebiges. INANNA puts geklitten in Insassegarb on a layer. Dr. Benway is on a layer which takes remarks. INANNA starts to cry. DR. BENWAY transmits an unit fabric to him.

DR. BENWAY is absolutely not rare to have the debt of the surviving one. They were the only one of your family which survived fire. Is INANNA with completely rare to put fire, to start? Or do you have spirit to try to kill out of your father you?

We spoke DR. BENWAY about this one, Inanna. The spirit of your father is a Hallucination. It is not true. It is an illusion which is brought by your debt on the fire and the death of your mother and father. INANNA which is sure, really smells. DR. BENWAY (a small frustriert number) whom we must receive behind this Inanna. Your report/ratio comes in a couple and me tries in top to receive weeks, you of relief. I think that it would leave you again and there would make you be in the true world good. INANNA I do not think that I am ready with that rather already, Doc.

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