Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Weekend Update

Ow. Ow, ow ow ow OW Ow, Ow ow.

This is the sound of me trying to move after this weekend.

On the way home from a long weeke of work, I stopped atthe rental place to pick up a power sewer snake. It's a really clever device that has a long spring steel cable with an electric motor that turns a drum that rotates the cable so the head can cut through root buildup in the sewer lines. It has a bunch of different heads, like a root-cutting head, a spiral screw head, and a few others. It's a very clever machine.
Dinner out with Babs at El Meson, then home to a well-deserved sleep.

The day of Reckoning. Or as I like to call it, the Day of Flinging Poo.
First of all, the moving of the crap in the basement so we could get to the main sewer cleanout plug. Not unreasonable, but tedious.
Then came the digging out of the cleanout plug. It was buried under a couple of inches of dirt, concrete dust, old paint chips, etc., which eventually necessitated a trip to the hardware store for a garden trowel.
Then the cleanout plug itself.
Oh, yes, the joy of an 80-year-old home with cast iron plumbing.
The cleanout plug was fused shut. It took two hours of chiseling to get it free. And of course, when it finally came free, I was treated to a shower of backed up sewage.
Finally, the snaking. Which took another five hours, during which we managed to pull up root balls that approximated the size of a small cat.

You have to understand that the root balls are somewhere around 70 feet away from the house down the sewer line, so each time of feeding the snake out and then pulling it back snagged full of roots was a real heave-ho process. We finally had to call it a night at around 8:00 because I simply couldn't pull the damn cable anymore, but by that time, we had real flow to the main sewer line, so showers and washing clothes could happen in a real fashion.

Unfortunately, the hardware store was closed by that time, so I couldn't get a new drain plug for the sewer cap. So we had to leave it open.
That's not as horrible as it seems, really. With real drainage, the sewage really doesn't come close to filling the pipe. It just smells bad, really.

After cleaning up, we headed off to the Volunteer Recognition party at the Radisson South, where I made a bee-line for the hot tub. Floaty-floaty-float-float. Then a tiny bit of circulation amongst the assemblage of geekdom, including the viewing of a short fan-induced Batman film which was way cool (I think it was Dead End), which I sha'nt spoil here.

After a quick smooch with onecheshire, we hooked up with eldogo, whom we kidnapped for a late-night excursion to Perkins, which was a lot of fun in a sleepy-punch-drunk kind of way (comimg up with impractical jokes).
Then home to bed once again.

Mostly cleanup. Decided to not do any more snaking because of exhaustion, so we wrapped it up and hauled it outside for a hosing off. Got to the hardware store and picked up some drain cleaner and root-b-gone to keep the pipes clear. Did a bunch of errands, including getting dirt for Barb's plants, groceries for the week, and such.

I also fixed the washing machine, which was trying to spin all the time. Quick fix, but it took a bunch of time to clear out space to work on it.

And I managed to work in a couple of hours of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which makes me happy.

Not exactly a profound weekend, but accomplished the mundane tasks of homeownership.

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