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The Illusionist

Sleight of Mind

Tom Ramcigam
28 April 1962
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Once upon a time, there was this marmot. Nobody knew what a marmot was or what a marmot did, so whenever he would meet anyone, they would ask "what do you do?"

His answer was usually something like this:
"Audio, video, and multimedia production; independent films, hardware and software design, and other cool stuff."

Then he would pee on their feet.

During the day, I work as a software engineer developing really cool implements of construction. At night, I am a mad scientist, creating creatures in my secret basement laboratory. On the weekends, I make movies. It's not really as structured as all that, and a lot of the pieces tend to overlap; for instance, I live in a house in South Minneapolis I call the Big Broken Box™ because of it's desperate need of repair and remodeling. I'm doing almost all of the work myself with occasional help from friends, so a lot of my time is spent doing remodeling work and figuring out how to do really cool things with concrete, plaster, and various building materials. Most of the time it turns out pretty well. Occasionally I screw something up.

The big house project is currently rebuilding the front porch, which had to get torn down to the concrete footings because of water damage from many decades of a previous owner ignoring basic maintenance coupled with a bad design that trapped rainwater. I was able to repair the footings enough to support the new design, and have done some interesting things with the structural design to make it very open (there's a whole lot of glass there now) and still keep it strong. I got to learn about concrete and building codes in the process, so it's been a learning experience.

The downside is that the house is a general mess.

I am a little weird. Some would consider me "eccentric" instead of weird, but I'm okay with being weird. It's a lot more interesting than being mundane.

Most of the weirdness probably stems from my love of the spooky. I have a pretty considerable collection of DVDs that tend heavily toward indie horror flicks-- since I make movies myself, I really enjoy the works of those who do similar things with passion and creativity, since I understand and appreciate it. I also build props, primarily in the horror and sci-fi vein, and at any given time, I tend to have a lot of spooky decor around including the odd body part or mummified corpse. They're not real of course, they're made of plastic and silicone and latex and paint, but they're definitely creepy. And as you might guess, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I usually love to decorate the house, though the past few years I've kind of skipped out on it because of the whole remodeling thing.

I also do some special effects makeup as a part of the whole filmmaking experience. It's not my prime direction, but the whole low-budget nature means I get to wear a lot of hats out of necessity.

A past career had me working in the radio and TV industry doing everything from voiceovers to lighting to directing to producing. I have voiced probably 2500 radio commercials and acted in a couple of TV commercials that you may or may not have seen. I've also been in a few small theatre shows in the Twin Cities metro area as well as a couple of small indie films, and seen my name up there on the silver screen. It's damn cool.

Six feet, Overweight. Working my way down. Hair used to be brown, now with a healthy dose of salt-and-pepper gray, more salt than pepper. Greenish eyes. Strong, though not as strong as I once was. I've taken to walking a lot, probably six hours a week.

Brilliant, really. Well-versed in a lot of areas, expert in enough of them to be a little scary. What I don't know, I learn. Good at grokking. High mental agility. Extremely adept at spatial visualization. Can't balance a checkbook properly because I make simple arithmetic mistakes.

Generally, very easygoing and pleasant. Lately I've been having some weird-ass mood swings, but I'm pretty good at recognizing them and not passing themn on to other people.

I have one. Really. BSCS, BA physics, math minor. A lot of continuing education stuff. Tech diplomas in radio & TV production. I love learning, because I hate being limited by what I don't know.

At this point, I'd probably say "lapsed Pagan". A lot of agnosticism, but with a more spiritual sense than pure atheism. I did a lot of comparative religion studies in college and find the concepts engaging, but I also find that most modern religions are significantly social in nature.

Not easily categorized. I tend to be socially liberal, though more libertarian in nature than socialistic: mostly I believe that people should be responsible for themselves and be left alone to do what they want as long as it's not bothering anybody else. Fiscally conservative, but not an ogre about it. I like discussing political concepts in the intellectual sense like dinner conversation, but it's not something I'm uber-passionate about. For instance, I like some of the aspects of Marxist communism, but think that it does not take into account the human inevitabilities of greed and avarice in a larger political system. In that way, I find politics and religion to be really similar.
I'm also a proponent of freethinking.

Relationship status:
Single. Divorced, if you want a further categorization. No kids, one dog, one cat. I tend to be very cautious about "heavy" dating, since I'd rather remain single than get seriously involved with the wrong person, but I am open to at least discussing it. I do date recreationally, when I have the time, and I enjoy group dates.
I have an interest in polyamory listed above. I am not poly by nature; my interest is one of an intellectual pursuit within the context of interpersonal relationships as a whole. I have friends who are polyamorous and it works for them; I don't know if I have the temperament to make it work for me. If the circumstances were right, I might. It would take a lot.

Dang. I think that's enough for now. If you have any questions, ask.
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